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Manuel Miller

Manuel Miller

Piano, Bass, Guitar, Saxophone, Voice

A graduate of DePaul University, Manuel is an enthusiastic teacher and music director. Over the years, he has prepared his students for shows at Lollapalooza, Summerfest, and other large performances.

Despite the potential for high pressure at such venues, Manuel’s teaching focuses on how relaxed the stakes really are: nobody is hurt when a wrong note is played!  So just keep playing, keep ironing away those mistakes, and with practice will come a better understanding of the music and more confidence. With this approach, Manuel’s students expand their comfort zones and take flight.

From leading wedding bands, to pursuing original music projects, to improvising in jazz combos, to touring the country in rock bands, Manuel’s wide repertoire gives him a great palette for inspiring his students.

Having also pursued higher education in a field unrelated to music (economics), Manuel loves helping his students understand that a musical mind, and great practice habits, have wide-ranging benefits that transcend music itself.

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