How to Tackle Your Biggest Music Teaching Problem

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by Lara Levitan Despite being awesome and rewarding, teaching music to kids has its challenges. One of the most common is working with the disinterested student. You know, the one who takes lessons only because her parents make her? In this situation, shifting the focus of your teaching from technical accomplishment to simple enjoyment of… Read more »

How to Practice in the Recital Home Stretch

How to Practice for a Recital in the Home Stretch

by Lara Levitan It’s the last few weeks before recitals and chances are, you have a pretty nervous/excited student on your hands! Courtesy of our teacher Adrienne Schroeder (and a few other other helpful sources!), here are some excellent tips for practicing in the recital home stretch, including advice on healthy performance and practice mindset,… Read more »

How to Create a Peaceful Home through Soundproofing

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posted by Lara Levitan; original article from Redfin Music students are a noisy bunch, and as a parent, you want to provide a safe space for your kid to make practice as fun and effective as possible. If you live in a small apartment, condo, or townhouse–or even a house with several other family members–… Read more »

How to Choose a Recital Song

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by Lara Levitan Choosing a recital song is a big commitment. You’ll be practicing it over and over again before the performance, so you don’t want to pick something you feel “just okay” about. Nor do you want something too easy, or that you already play very well, because where’s the fun in that?! Here… Read more »

What I Look for in a Music Teacher

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By Abraham Levitan Since starting Piano Power in 2007 I’ve interviewed dozens of would-be teachers and hired a small handful of them. To score a job with Piano Power, one quality wins over musical expertise, awards, or degrees from prestigious programs. That quality is emotional intelligence, or the awareness of your own emotions and the… Read more »

6 Reasons Why You’re Awesome for Giving Your Kids Music Lessons

by Lara Levitan Don’t think twice about giving your kids the gift of music! Kids who take music lessons reap benefits that cross into several developmental areas. Here are 6 important ways that music education for children enriches your child’s life. Download the infographic! 1. It supports academic growth. Music is filled with math lessons…. Read more »

Our Teachers’ Share Their Favorite Holiday Songs

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How do we get into the holiday spirit here at Piano Power? By sharing our favorite Christmas songs, of course! Whether or not you celebrate– or even like — Christmas, there’s something for everyone in this warm-hearted genre. Here, our teachers share their favorite holiday tunes. Winter Wonderland “I love the imagery in the song… Read more »

Video: How to Buy a Piano

In this short video, Abraham recommends quality, affordable acoustic and digital pianos, and discusses whether you should snag that freebie from Craigslist. Once you’ve found the right piano, find the right teacher.

How to Inspire a Bored Music Student

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by Abraham Levitan No one is good at something all of the time. Writers, artists, athletes, business owners and employees all go through dry spells– we’re uninspired, our work stinks, our performance suffers, we dread practicing. In short, we’re just not feeling it. This is “The Dip” as characterized by Seth Godin in his popular… Read more »

How to Decide Between Private and Group Music Lessons

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by Lara Levitan You might assume, since we at Piano Power offer private music lessons exclusively, that we’re all about the the glorious benefits of one-on-one instruction. Well, you’re right. But regardless, even we must admit that sometimes, group music lessons are more appropriate for certain students or circumstances. Two major variables to consider if… Read more »