Video: How to Buy a Piano

In this short video, Abraham recommends quality, affordable acoustic and digital pianos, and discusses whether you should snag that freebie from Craigslist. Once you’ve found the right piano, find the right teacher.

How to Inspire a Bored Music Student

funny girl wearing headphones

by Abraham Levitan No one is good at something all of the time. Writers, artists, athletes, business owners and employees all go through dry spells– we’re uninspired, our work stinks, our performance suffers, we dread practicing. In short, we’re just not feeling it. This is “The Dip” as characterized by Seth Godin in his popular… Read more »

How to Decide Between Private and Group Music Lessons

kids in group music lessons

by Lara Levitan You might assume, since we at Piano Power offer private music lessons exclusively, that we’re all about the the glorious benefits of one-on-one instruction. Well, you’re right. But regardless, even we must admit that sometimes, group music lessons are more appropriate for certain students or circumstances. Two major variables to consider if… Read more »

The Best Way to Improve Student Retention

Student retention requires more than a great relationship with your student. In this short video, Abraham Levitan reveals an underrated strategy for nurturing longevity with your clients. Want to develop a practicing strategy you can share with parents? Check out Teaching Music Students How to Practice: A Step-by-Step Guide for Teachers.

11 Spooky Songs to Learn this Halloween

by Lara Levitan It’s that creepy crawly time of year again, and we don’t know about you, but we think nothing says Halloween like a good–but ghoulish!–new song to learn on your instrument. Halloween season is also a great time to talk about diminished chords, dissonance, and strange or eerie sounds that your instrument can… Read more »

Video: 9 Easy Ways to Care for Your Voice

Teacher & performer Sarah Diller shares advice on how to pamper your pipes for healthy singing Prefer to read this content? Check out the article!

Best Piano Books to Challenge & Motivate Your Students

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A handy list to cover the essentials, narrow the options by Lara Levitan The breadth of piano books to use with your students can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a new teacher. To help narrow the big world of options out there, check out this list of books recommended by our teachers, with notes included…. Read more »

How to Supercharge Your Music Lessons After Summer

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3 tips for boosting lesson performance and achieving your goals In this short video, Abraham shares a few helpful hints for resuming lessons, and working effectively with your teacher, after a long summer. Want more music education advice? Check out our videos on YouTube!

Student Spotlight: Two Sisters Form a Band and a Bond

Rock duo No Results prove music’s power in restoring relationships by Lara Levitan Depending on which sister you ask, the origin of the name “No Results” differs. According to Ava–who writes, sings, and plays ukulele, tambourine, and drums—it came from the fact that, before the band had a website or a Facebook page, Googling their… Read more »

How to Prepare for Your First Music Lesson [Infographic]

How to prepare for your first music lesson infographic

Follow these steps and be ready to shine on first lesson day! by Lara Levitan First and foremost, what an exciting time! First lessons mark the beginning of a new era in your kid’s life, whether they’re completely new to music lessons, or resuming their study with a new teacher. Talking with your teacher or… Read more »