Can I Take Piano Lessons Without a Piano?

What to do When You’re not Ready to Commit to a Piano Have more questions about Piano Power? Check out our FAQ section, send us a message, or call Abraham at 773-547-2426.

How to Find the Right Music Teacher

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7 Must-Ask Questions– and One Golden Rule– for Finding the Perfect Teacher/Student Match By Abraham Levitan First, the Golden Rule: Amazing musicians don’t necessarily make amazing teachers. Some incredible pianists make lackluster teachers, while some less-than-amazing pianists make incredible teachers. I have hired for talent and been let down, and I have hired for personality… Read more »

Why Summer Music Lessons with Your Kid Will Make You Happy

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Studying Music Together Increases Bonding, Understanding By Lara Levitan So…what are you doing this summer? Summer camps, vacations, and trips to the beach aside, summer could offer a chance to really bond with your kid, and perhaps try something new yourself. The best way to do that? Maybe we’re biased, but taking music lessons with… Read more »

How to Prepare for Your Kid’s First Music Lesson

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8 Tips for Getting Off to a Good Start with Your New Music Teacher by Lara Levitan First and foremost, what an exciting time! First lessons mark the beginning of a new era in your kid’s life, whether they’re completely new to music lessons, or resuming their study with a new teacher. Talking with your… Read more »

The Best Travel Mug for Traveling Music Teachers

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An entire blog post on the thermos that will protect your beverage, because you must have hot caffeine by Lara Levitan When work requires you to spend lots of time in a car, a few things are essential: a respectable stream of music and/or podcasts, functional heating and cooling, and perhaps most importantly, a damn… Read more »

Teaching Music Students How to Practice: A Step-by-Step Guide for Teachers

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Use this precise method to resolve problem areas, plus advice for parents! by Adrienne Schroeder In my 5 years of teaching piano and horn, I’ve noticed a trend among students: many of them have no idea how to practice. If you’re a teacher, you may discover poor practice habits when you start to experience “same… Read more »

Can Theater Make the World a Better Place?

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One Teacher Shares Views on Theater and the Power of Empathy by Lara Levitan The iconic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Oklahoma! may have developed a campy reputation over the years, but it— along with subsequent musicals that carry its torch— delivers a powerful message Americans need to hear, says Piano Power teacher Sarah Diller. That… Read more »

Can We Manipulate Brain Function to Improve Singing?

Neuro-Vocal Method

Piano Power Parent Releases Book on Unique Vocal Method by Lara Levitan While in a Qigong class, Piano Power parent and voice teacher Meredith Colby had a realization. “It occurred to me that for the past ten years I’ve been teaching the same [vocal] techniques, for the same reasons, and getting predictable results. It occurred… Read more »

Why In-Person Music Lessons Will Always Beat Online Lessons

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Online music lessons are not–and never will be–the future of music education by Abraham Levitan While chatting with my colleague Brendan Bosworth, owner and teacher at Meter Music School in Seattle, we came to discussing how technology will continue to play a part in music education. While some of our ideas differed, we agreed on… Read more »

The Best Way to Help Kids Focus During Music Lessons

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Can Kids Meditate? One Piano Teacher’s Recipe for Calm by Lara Levitan “I have a brain like a child,” says (self-deprecating) Piano Power teacher Benjamin Nichols, referring to what Buddhism calls “monkey mind”, the tendency for our minds to jump from thought to thought like monkeys on vines. “As a younger musician, it was so… Read more »