How To Introduce Your Kids To The Joy Of Music

Today we feature a guest post from Jenny Silverstone of Mom Loves Best, a blog featuring tons of great advice and recommendations for taking care of your baby and kids. Here she outlines why music is so beneficial, and gives tips for how to start instilling a love of music at a (very!) young age…. Read more »

How to Make Your Music Student Happy this Summer

by Lara Levitan For many music students, summer means no school, fewer obligations, and a more relaxed attitude toward music practice. Rather than fight summer’s chill vibe, why not go with it and have a little fun with a new project? Whether you’re a teacher, or a parent, or a student yourself, you can put… Read more »

How to Play the Guitar for Beginners

young woman playing guitar

This week’s guest post is from Marc-Andre Seguin of, in which he breaks down the basic of learning guitar in plain, easy-to-follow language. For beginning students, this is a great guide to help you practice and/or discuss with your teacher. And for teachers, you can use this article to help structure your first lesson,… Read more »

How to Encourage your Reluctant Student to Play a Recital

shy little girl covering her face with her hands

by Lara Levitan For most kids, learning to work with performance anxiety under the guidance of a great teacher can be a wonderful life lesson. But “learning life lessons” isn’t exactly on the top of every kid’s list of priorities– especially when that requires leaving their comfort zone. So how do you convince your kid… Read more »

How to Tackle Your Biggest Music Teaching Problem

bored girl

by Lara Levitan Despite being awesome and rewarding, teaching music to kids has its challenges. One of the most common is working with the disinterested student. You know, the one who takes lessons only because her parents make her? In this situation, shifting the focus of your teaching from technical accomplishment to simple enjoyment of… Read more »

How to Practice in the Recital Home Stretch

How to Practice for a Recital in the Home Stretch

by Lara Levitan It’s the last few weeks before recitals and chances are, you have a pretty nervous/excited student on your hands! Courtesy of our teacher Adrienne Schroeder (and a few other other helpful sources!), here are some excellent tips for practicing in the recital home stretch, including advice on healthy performance and practice mindset,… Read more »

How to Create a Peaceful Home through Soundproofing

boy at drums

posted by Lara Levitan; original article from Redfin Music students are a noisy bunch, and as a parent, you want to provide a safe space for your kid to make practice as fun and effective as possible. If you live in a small apartment, condo, or townhouse–or even a house with several other family members–… Read more »

How to Choose a Recital Song

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by Lara Levitan Choosing a recital song is a big commitment. You’ll be practicing it over and over again before the performance, so you don’t want to pick something you feel “just okay” about. Nor do you want something too easy, or that you already play very well, because where’s the fun in that?! Here… Read more »

What I Look for in a Music Teacher

girl playing piano while teacher watches

By Abraham Levitan Since starting Piano Power in 2007 I’ve interviewed dozens of would-be teachers and hired a small handful of them. To score a job with Piano Power, one quality wins over musical expertise, awards, or degrees from prestigious programs. That quality is emotional intelligence, or the awareness of your own emotions and the… Read more »

6 Reasons Why You’re Awesome for Giving Your Kids Music Lessons

by Lara Levitan Don’t think twice about giving your kids the gift of music! Kids who take music lessons reap benefits that cross into several developmental areas. Here are 6 important ways that music education for children enriches your child’s life. Download the infographic! 1. It supports academic growth. Music is filled with math lessons…. Read more »