10 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make About Music Lessons

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Common misconceptions about music lessons, and what you can learn from them by Lara Levitan Music lessons can be one of the greatest gifts you give to your child; they enrich your child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development, and instill a lifelong love of music. But while we always have good intentions, parents can sometimes… Read more »

9 Easy Ways to Care for Your Voice

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Our Teachers Give Advice on How to Pamper Your Pipes for Healthy Singing : Vocal Health for Singers photo © Garry Knight via Flickr Creative Commons by Lara Levitan “Instrument care” takes on a whole new level when your instrument resides in your body. The following advice from our voice teachers may result in a… Read more »

6 Reasons Why You’re Awesome for Giving Your Kids Music Lessons

Don’t Think Twice About Giving Your Child the Gift of Music by Lara Levitan Kids who take music lessons reap benefits that cross into several developmental areas. Here are 6 important ways that music education for children enriches your child’s life. 1. It supports academic growth. Music is filled with math lessons. Learning about beat,… Read more »

16 Fun Summer Project Ideas for Your Music Student

Take a musical adventure this summer with an inspiring project by Lara Levitan For many music students, summer means no school, fewer obligations, and a more relaxed attitude toward music practice. Rather than fight summer’s chill vibe, why not go with it and have a little fun? Whether you’re a teacher, or a parent, or… Read more »

Moms Share the Benefits, Challenges of Taking Music Lessons

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Music Lessons Keep Moms Cool, Connected, and Creative by Lara Levitan When Gaea Gomez Fidler was a kid, she loved music, but she found her lessons boring. “I focused on getting things perfect for recitals, which I could never do,” Gaea says. “My four brothers and sisters also took piano — two ended up being… Read more »

3 Reasons Why Summer Music Lessons are Awesome

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The pros of continuing lessons throughout the summer, and what to do when you can’t by Abraham Levitan When I was a kid, summers were some of my most fun, fruitful times with piano lessons. Because I took school very seriously, I often felt pressed for practice time during the school year. Summer, on the… Read more »

Can I Take Piano Lessons Without a Piano?

What to do When You’re not Ready to Commit to a Piano Have more questions about Piano Power? Check out our FAQ section, send us a message, or call Abraham at 773-547-2426.

How to Find the Right Music Teacher

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7 Must-Ask Questions– and One Golden Rule– for Finding the Perfect Teacher/Student Match By Abraham Levitan First, the Golden Rule: Amazing musicians don’t necessarily make amazing teachers. Some incredible pianists make lackluster teachers, while some less-than-amazing pianists make incredible teachers. I have hired for talent and been let down, and I have hired for personality… Read more »

Why Summer Music Lessons with Your Kid Will Make You Happy

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Studying Music Together Increases Bonding, Understanding By Lara Levitan So…what are you doing this summer? Summer camps, vacations, and trips to the beach aside, summer could offer a chance to really bond with your kid, and perhaps try something new yourself. The best way to do that? Maybe we’re biased, but taking music lessons with… Read more »

How to Prepare for Your Kid’s First Music Lesson

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8 Tips for Getting Off to a Good Start with Your New Music Teacher by Lara Levitan First and foremost, what an exciting time! First lessons mark the beginning of a new era in your kid’s life, whether they’re completely new to music lessons, or resuming their study with a new teacher. Talking with your… Read more »