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March 12, 2024

Worried About In-Home Music Lessons?

Sometimes, clients are a little “iffy” about home lessons.


For many, the convenience of in-home lessons is a huge selling point. But others need a little well-deserved convincing.

Are you worried your home is too chaotic, noisy, or somehow less than perfect for lessons? In other words, are you worried your personal space is just too….personal?

You’re not alone. And we understand!

It’s completely normal to feel a little self-conscious about in-home lessons. Especially with multiple little kids running the show.

If you’re brand new to music lessons, you might wonder if it’s worth it to start with in-home, where the commitment feels greater than group lessons in a studio.

But in most cases, the benefits of home lessons outweigh any drawbacks.

How exactly, are in-home lessons more directly beneficial than group lessons?

Lessons at home eliminate the intimidation factor, allowing students to learn and grow within a safe space.

Students can play their own pianos, or sing more comfortably than they would in public.

In-home lessons emphasize one-on-one interaction.

Ultimately, these factors lead to more progress, not less.

Plus, our teachers are professional, patient, and adaptable. They’re trained to work with families– not just individual students. With a little Piano Power magic, we can make any space effective for music lessons.

Take it from these Piano Power parents:

“I already drive them to so many sporting activities, so I love that we can do this one at home. So easy to have all three kids have a lesson on one evening, and no one has to wait around in a car park/hall way/coffee shop until their turn.”

“I love the convenience and ability for my daughter to sing without self-consciousness. She also takes rock band in a studio, but that would never have happened had she not started at home.”

“We both work full time, and there is extra time for lessons on the weekends between other activities that can’t be done in the home– like tennis or gymnastics.”

“We appreciate the encouragement and positive energy brought into our house each week for lessons.”

With the support of our teachers, your home can become a dynamic, comfortable setting for musical growth, blending convenience with the focused learning one-on-one instruction provides.

So many of our families have found joy and progress in music, right where they live. The home, in all its uniqueness, is often the perfect stage for musical discovery.

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