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November 9, 2023

Piano Power Provides Full Health Benefits for Teachers

Since April 2023 we have offered full health benefits to our dedicated teachers. This commitment to our staff’s well-being reflects one of our five core values: happy teachers make happy students!

Commitment to our teachers’ well-being

It’s always been our vision to provide health benefits to our teachers, who we value so much. Over the years, many teachers have told us how much comprehensive health benefits would mean to them. We’re thrilled to finally bring this vision to life!

Our core values: happy teachers, happy students

We believe in the simple philosophy that content teachers create a positive learning environment for students.

By providing health coverage, we’re investing in the wellbeing of our teachers, ensuring they can focus on what they do best — educating and inspiring our students.

The stability of a regular income plus health insurance leads to long-term, committed student/teacher relationships for our families.

Qualifying for health benefits

Let’s dive into the details. To be eligible for our health benefits, teachers must maintain:

  • A minimum four-day teaching schedule per week
  • A 90% attendance rate

These requirements help us ensure that our students receive consistent, high-quality instruction.

Comprehensive coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield

Our health benefits package is robust, offering:

  • Coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, the state’s largest provider of health benefits
  • Options for vision and dental
  • Addition of other family members 

We cover 75% of each month’s monthly premium — well above the standard contribution — underscoring our investment in our teachers’ health.

Tax benefits for teachers

Not only do we contribute a substantial portion towards the premium, but the entire amount — including our teachers’ 25% share — is tax-deductible, easing the financial burden even further. 

Join our team!

Sound like a workplace you’d like to be a part of?  Head to the Teach With Us page and introduce yourself! 

We’ll show you why we’re the most teacher-friendly music studio in the Chicago area.

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