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Andrew Doney

Andrew Doney

Studio Director

Having abandoned his Silicon Valley aspirations for musical greatness during the first dot-com bust, Andrew has found a perfect home for his tech, interpersonal, and musical skills as Studio Director and Lead Teacher for Piano Power.

After graduating from Sonoma State University in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in jazz piano performance, Andrew left California for Chicago to pursue a career in teaching. Andrew has been teaching with Piano Power since 2014, developing strong, yearslong relationships with his students and families. Aside from being a strong advocate for our teachers and trusted confidant to Piano Power founder Abraham Levitan, he also played a crucial role in our rapid and successful pivot to online lessons during the onset of COVID.

Andrew has a knack for helping teachers and families navigate all phases of a great music education, and he loves making great matches between our talented teachers and wonderful students. He looks forward to helping you find the perfect fit.