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June 18, 2020

Music Education: Celebrating the Science-Tested Benefits

Music offers children important opportunities for self-expression, and can be an empowering force in their lives. They’re often some of the most eager participants in World Music Day. This annual celebration of musical creativity invites musicians of all stripes to take to share their talents.

The event, celebrating its 38th anniversary this year, originated in the streets of Paris, France. Since then it has become an internationally-recognized testament to the unifying power of music.

World Music Day is on June 21, and taking note of the significant developmental role played by music education seems a worthy celebration!

Here are three key ways that learning about, playing, and even listening to music can benefit kids:

1. It helps them handle difficult emotions more easily.

Fear, sadness, anger, and disappointment are tough emotions to handle, especially for kids. Their brains are still developing, and they don’t have the same resilience as a healthy adult.

Instrument training is linked to more rapid maturation of areas of the brain linked to emotional regulation, including the ability to manage anxiety.

2. It helps them feel good about themselves and others.

Low self-esteem can make it hard for kids to feel confident when interacting with their peers. This can limit their social lives. Musical training is linked to boosts in both self-esteem and empathy, making it easier for kids to make and keep new friends.

3. It boosts test scores across the board.

Turns out hitting the books isn’t the only way to make report cards shine! Music education is correlated with improved scores in school subjects and on standardized tests.

The list of things to love about music education certainly doesn’t end there. We The Parents have created an easy-to-read infographic detailing the way music benefits kids and the studies that prove it, so take a peek!

Learn more about the science behind music education at We The Parents.

Music Education: 17 Science-Backed Benefits

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