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March 5, 2024

Save Time, Stress, and Money with the Right Music Lessons

We admit it. Private music lessons with us are a little pricey.

For that reason, some families or individuals choose to work with another provider. And that, of course, is understandable! There are many options for music lessons out there. We say the more music education in the world, the better.

But for those music lovers who share our core values, the high quality and consistency of our lesson structure can save money.

We invite you to consider the following:

Your time and well-being are valuable. 

Each month, in-home lessons save hours of driving time.

Just imagine– less driving, and more time to do what you need to do, at home. This means less stress and more convenience. Isn’t that nice?

You’ll also save money on gas, parking, and the fries you end up stopping for because you pass five McDonalds on the way home.  🙄

Take it from Piano Power parent Elizabeth L.: 

“In-home lessons are AWESOME. That was the biggest draw for us initially. So great when you have multiple kids, or younger kids who can play at home during lessons.” 

Teachers love working with us. 

We pride ourselves on offering an excellent workplace for teachers. We provide full health benefits, paid in-between lesson time, and a competitive pay scale.

What does this mean for you?

Your money goes towards happy teachers, who make happy students. And happy students make happy parents!

By choosing Piano Power, you’re supporting an excellent wage and benefits for our teachers, who are often young working musicians.

“From the moment I started working at Piano Power, I felt welcome and heard.” -Henry D., Piano Power teacher

If you need a new teacher, you’re not at square one. 

Finding a teacher on your own is a hassle. Finding a teacher who’s an excellent match for your student? Even harder.

And what if they decide to stop teaching? You’re left at square one where, while you’re looking for a new teacher, your student loses interest and momentum. No one wants to be at square one!

We put care into our teacher-student matches. But if you need to switch teachers, or if a teacher phases out, we handle the transition. Easy peasy.

We do it all for you!

Like longtime Piano Power student and parent Heather G. says: “Our teacher transition was seamless.”

A few other ways you can save with Piano Power:

  • Take back-to-back, 30-minute lessons for two siblings (or with a neighbor)
  • Take advantage of lower rates for off-peak lesson times

Investment in quality music lessons extends far beyond learned skills. It’s about valuing your time and experience, nurturing well-being, and supporting a community of dedicated teachers.

At Piano Power, we believe in providing an enriching experience that pays dividends in happiness, convenience, and lasting musical skills. Choosing quality over cost sets the stage for lifelong love and appreciation of music.

Read up on the invaluable benefits of learning an instrument.

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