Can I Take Piano Lessons Without a Piano?

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digital piano

Photo by Jaclyn Clark on Unsplash

Yes, you can take piano lessons without a piano!

1. Digital pianos are a great alternative to acoustic pianos. Unlike keyboards, they have fully weighted keys that provide a full range of expression, from soft to loud. They provide a smooth transition to acoustic pianos when the student is ready.

2. Keyboards, on the other hand, are not ideal for piano lessons. The lack of depth can’t compare to a digital or acoustic piano, and may deter a student’s enthusiasm and willingness to practice.

2. Yamaha, Roland, and Casio brands all make excellent digital pianos, although Yamaha remains the gold standard.

3. Expect to spend $350-$700 on a good digital piano. They’re not cheap, but the quality is worth it. They’re also a much wiser investment if you’re unsure about buying an acoustic piano.

4. You can enjoy a digital pianos for years, and they are a wonderful option for students who are just getting started.

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