Performance Programs

Basement Band and Student Showcase are programs reserved for students age 10 and up. All students are welcome to participate in our twice-yearly recitals after they’ve had at least three months of instruction.

  • Basement Band

    girls making funny faces holding up sheet music in front of piano
    Basement Band is our fresh take on a "rock band" program. The difference? We ask our band members what *they* want to achieve. Rehearsals are customized around those goals, culminating in our end-of-session performance at 210 Live in Highwood.

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    Basement Band is a guided, customized approach to rock-band instruction. Transform a basement band practice into a focused, week-to-week, goal-oriented activity. Unlike other rock-band programs, Basement Band starts by asking our band members what THEY want to achieve — whether it’s writing original music, playing their favorite covers, or diving into blues/jazz improvisation. Then, we customize the program around each band’s individual goals. The results are powerful — a lifelong love of music, and a deep ownership of and pride in the product. This culminates in our end-of-session performances, where our Basement Bands get to strut their stuff in a public venue.

    Students in Basement Band will be engaged in weekly rehearsals where they develop their musicianship, teamwork, and leadership skills, all focused on one goal: putting on an awesome concert at a real music venue! Students in an ensemble have MUCH better practice habits, more exciting lessons, and after a few concerts, show a huge improvement in their confidence in large social situations.

    Spots are limited! Please fill out this form to ensure the best fit for your student:

    What type of students are we looking for?

    We’re currently accepting students ages 10 and up who will take advantage of the musical and social benefits of being in a band. Ideal candidates will have basic proficiency in their instrument, average-to-good rhythm, and a willingness to contribute in a group situation. All instruments are welcome, but we’re mainly looking for vocals, piano, guitar, bass, drums, and ukulele.

    If you’re unsure if your student is a good fit for Basement Band, feel free to ask your Piano Power instructor for some insight! And keep in mind: we’re looking to shape professional-level musicians, but being a pro isn’t required. We’ll be balancing the makeup of our bands to make sure that students of all levels are able to contribute.

    Is your house a Basement Band rehearsal spot?

    Just like real bands, Basement Band rehearsals will be taking place in home rehearsal spaces: the basements of and studios of our families. If you have, or would like to have, a home rehearsal space that really gets used, we’d love to hear from you! You’ll avoid the drive, and you’ll also receive a discount on your monthly fee!

    Potential hosts would have, at a minimum, a safe, appropriate room for 4-8 students to play in.

    It would be great if a potential host family also had:

    • A drum set
    • A basic PA or vocal amp

    Ideal hosts would have that plus keyboards, guitar amp, a bass amp, microphone stands, etc. There will be a (very modest) budget available for filling out missing gear as needed — and host houses will receive a discount on their monthly rate.


    Weekly rehearsals will be two hours. Basement Band will be priced per student as follows, with the first rehearsal being offered free of charge:

    • $40 per hour ($80 per week) for host families
    • $50 per hour ($100 per week) for Piano Power families (students currently taking lessons with Piano Power)
    • $60 per hour ($120 per week) for non-Piano Power families (students not currently taking lessons with Piano Power)

    The final concert will be at 210 Live in Highwood, and will be hosted free of charge!

    Spots are limited! Please fill out this form:

  • Student Showcase

    woman teaching younger student piano
    Student Showcase allows individual students to rehearse and practice with their teacher, and then perform at an end-of-session concert with our pro all-teacher band. It’s like live-band karaoke, but much cooler!

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    For students who are interested in trying out a full-band performance, but might not be ready for weekly rehearsals, Student Showcase is a perfect fit. Students will rehearse and practice with their teacher, and then be invited to perform at an end-of-session concert with our professional all-teacher band. It’s an opportunity to perform songs just the way they’re done on the recording! They get the chance to really shine on their instrument, because all supporting instruments will be covered by our faculty. It’s like live-band karaoke, but much cooler!

    Song selection and practice will be up to you and your teacher. You can even opt in on any of the songs other Student Showcase participants are performing. We really encourage you to get in on multiple songs — it’s a lot of fun that way. There will be one rehearsal with the all-teacher band before the big performance. Much like the Basement Band, Student Showcase performances will be in an actual professional music venue, so be sure to invite all your friends.

  • All-Student Recital

    young student playing piano at recital

    Held in June and December, our recitals are a wonderful, low-key way to celebrate your student’s achievements. Our students perform a huge variety of repertoire — from classical to original compositions to Top-40 radio hits.

    Read more about what makes Piano Power recitals so cool.

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  • Studio Power

    Studio Power is our new virtual rock band program. Students choose a song, learn their parts virtually in lessons, and participate in Zoom meetings with their bandmates and teacher.

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    Students choose a song, learn their parts virtually in lessons, and participate in Zoom meetings with their bandmates and teacher.

    Students experience a safe and healthy rock band experience, and leave with an amazing video like the one our (fabulous!) teachers created. Watch on YouTube.

    If your student is really bummed about missing Basement Band– or if live recitals aren’t your kid’s thing– Studio Power is the perfect alternative.