Our new year’s resolution: Music for every child

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girl playing horn in music class

By Abraham Levitan

It is a privilege and an honor to bring music into the homes of Piano Power families. Our students reap the numerous benefits of music education.

When schools cut budgets, however, arts education is often the first to go. As a result, many children have little to no access to the joy of music.

And yet, we’re hopeful.

In 2012 the City of Chicago introduced the Chicago Public Schools Arts Education Plan, which seeks to expand arts education into classrooms across the city. A key finding in a follow-up report by arts-advocacy non-profit Ingenuity Inc., shows that that there are, in fact, an almost sufficient number of arts instructors across the district.

Those instructors, however, are unevenly distributed across the city, making schools on Chicago’s west and south sides “essentially arts education deserts.” (WBEZ.Org)

Enter Foundations of Music, one of several community arts partners in the city seeking to change the status quo. By placing teaching artists in underserved schools, and through other programs and scholarships, FOM envisions “a society where children of all means have access to music education, and the opportunity to creatively express themselves through music.”

One student and school at a time, FOM is realizing that vision.

We admire and believe in the work FOM does, which is why we’ve contributed to the organization’s upcoming March fundraiser to recognize Music in Our Schools Month. Throughout 2016 we plan to deepen our involvement with FOM’s mission: “Music for every child.”

Please stay tuned for more news on this front.

By providing music lessons for your children, or by sharing your knowledge and skills through teaching, you are a music-education advocate. We thank you for that.

Happy New Year, and here’s to music for every child in 2016 and beyond!

Please consider contributing to FOM’s March campaign for Music in Our Schools Month.

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