Let’s Sing About National Arts in Education Week!

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little girl sings on stage We at Piano Power have always been proponents of Arts Education at school, home, and beyond. National Arts in Education Week (Sept. 9-15) is the perfect time to remember the many benefits that learning music, art, and drama bring to our children.

Not only does Arts Education provide kids with the possibility of discovering a lifelong passion or creative career, but it also nurtures happiness, wellbeing, and inspiration. These personal traits set children for life, and can even boost a child’s academic outcomes.

Here is visualization of the many evidence-based benefits of Arts Education:

51 Benefits of Arts Education for Kids infographic

Now you can see why it’s vital for parents and arts educators to come together and make their voices heard. Arts Education must remain a core part of our children’s learning experience.

To explore in more detail the benefits of Arts Education for kids, check out the full article accompanying this infographic, here: wetheparents.org/arts-education.

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