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Mike Frasier

Mike Frasier

Originally from Detroit, Mike began piano lessons at an early age, quickly falling in love with music. He holds two bachelor’s degrees in tuba performance and music theory from the University of Michigan, and two master’s degrees in tuba performance and music theory from Northwestern University. Mike has studied everything from the neuropsychology of music in the brain, to hip-hop and electronic dance music, to traditional Middle Eastern maqam. The diversity of his educational background informs his teaching style, which he customizes to each student’s individual interests and needs.

As a touring member of Presidio Brass, Mike has performed in over 30 states, in addition to visiting China, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, and Canada. With such a host of rewarding performance experiences, Mike is passionate about empowering a new generation of aspiring music-makers to have their own musical adventures.

A former certified personal trainer, Mike understands the challenges associated with any new undertaking. He approaches every lesson with a kind and welcoming personality and clear, goal-oriented instruction. When Mike isn’t making or teaching music, he can be found perfecting his jump shot on the basketball court, running or biking around Chicago, or hosting open mics for amateur performers.