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Noah Richman

Hailing from Waterloo, Iowa, Noah began playing the piano at the age of six, though it was not until high school that he learned to love it. Having studied mostly classical music up to that point, Noah was excited by the new elements he found within jazz and other contemporary styles. He participated in the school jazz band and the school choir, both as a vocalist and accompanist. However, his true passion for music was expressed through arranging and composing, utilizing software platforms like Ableton Live. This passion led him to pursue education for music performance and audio engineering.

After briefly studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Noah completed his degree in piano performance at the University of Iowa, where he took courses in audio engineering and recorded his own album. Noah is still an avid composer, as well as a session pianist for multiple Chicago artists.

Noah’s broad musical experience allows him to utilize a wide range of techniques as a teacher. Without neglecting the importance of technique, Noah encourages his students’ creativity and expression. He enjoys helping students take a piece of music and make it their own, and his customized approach allows them to do just that.