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Joshua Lam

Joshua Lam

Piano, Guitar, Violin

Joshua is a singer/songwriter, pianist, and guitarist from New York City. After graduating from Wheaton College with a bachelor’s in music performance, Joshua started his career as an educator, teaching history and music at a Chicago private school. He developed a passion for helping students to broaden their academic imaginations. Instead of just learning for the sake of passing a test, his students learned to see their learning approach as a formative aspect of their journey. They saw that the way they approached their studies could impact their character, their success, and ultimately their ability to enjoy growth throughout life.

Through this pedagogical lens, Joshua’s music lessons support a growth mindset. He shows that there is always opportunity for development and success, regardless of talent or current ability. He creates a fun and safe space to explore student interests by normalizing making mistakes, and helping his students analyze and adjust their mindset to achieve their desired outcomes.

Currently, Joshua is pursuing his master’s in mental health counseling and is actively using his education to strengthen his teaching approach. He looks forward to introducing new students to the joy of music.

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