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Looking for Guitar Lessons, Northbrook, IL?

Piano Power has been an active presence in Northbrook since 2001. We love our Northbrook students! The only difficulty is driving by Northbrook institution Charlie Beinlich’s without needing an immediate burger fix!

Why is it great to be a music student in Northbrook?

Northbrook guitar students can enjoy lots of great theater, dance, and music programming through the Northbrook Park District, including free concerts on Tuesday nights throughout the summer.

Northbrook District 28 schools have been awarded the Best Communities for Music Education award by the National Association of Music Merchants several years in a row!

Age recommendations

Our private lessons are appropriate for guitarists aged 5 to 105. For students younger than five, we’re happy to discuss alternatives to private lessons. Somewhere around age 5, a combined increase in finger strength, reading ability, and concentration makes a student ready for private lessons.

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Practice expectations

Your guitar teacher will work with you to create a practice plan that works for your student’s schedule. The single most important element of guitar practice is regularity. We know our students are busy! But devoting even a modest amount of time each day to guitar practice produces much better results than relying on weekly “cram sessions.” Ideally, your student will make the guitar a regular part of his or her day.

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Piano Power recitals

If your student has been receiving guitar instruction with Piano Power for three months or more, he or she is invited to participate in our annual spring recital. Held in June and December, the recital is a wonderful, low-key way to celebrate your student’s achievements. Our pianists perform a huge variety of repertoire — from classical to original compositions to Top-40 radio hits.

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We’re ready to match you with a great guitar teacher!

We’d love to talk more with you about our terrific Northbrook guitar teachers, and how to get the most out of your guitar student’s experience. Our abiding goal is that our students develop a lifelong love of music.

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