Friends, Gather ‘Round: The Very First Piano Power Hour at the Hideout!

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Piano Power founder and leader Abraham Levitan hosted the very first Piano Power Hour at the Hideout in Chicago on Sunday, May 22 at 10pm. A small crowd in an intimate setting lent it a very “living room” feel, and several teachers came out to perform and/or watch the show.

musicians playing at the Hideout in Chicago

Andrew Clinkman, Alec Watson, and Ethan Parcell play at Piano Power Hour.

Here’s what happened!

Piano teacher Alec Watson was joined by fellow Piano Power teacher Andrew Clinkman and Ethan Parcell to play a short set of Alec’s songs, which Alec describes as “repetitive, warm meditations on family history, real and fictitious childhood memory, daily ritual, and the grey areas of faith and doubt.” Here’s a link to the music, and check out the video! (We apologize for the sub-par quality; we’re working on it!)

Next piano teacher Andrew Lawrence took the stage, playing works by German-American conductor, composer, and pianist André Previn, as well as original pieces.

Lastly, Abraham Levitan shared a selection of original works by Teletype, his collaboration with fellow Chicago rocker Devin Davis. The two are gearing up to release an EP “Spontaneity” in the very near future.

Mark your calendars for the next Piano Pour Hour, Monday, June 20 at 10pm at The Hideout! Hope to see you there.

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