Your Smartphone’s Ancestors: An Evolution of Musical Tools [Infographic]

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by Lara Levitan

audio cassettes

Relics from another time.

I remember getting my first Walkman cassette player. I could do my chores, homework, and walk to school with Axl Rose shrieking in my ear. AWESOME!

Now I don’t think twice about carrying my music around with me. Most of us, myself included, tune into our favorite music everyday without thinking about how convenient–or downright amazing–our devices are. In the “old days” people had access to music only at home, possibly in a car, or at a musical performance. Can you imagine?! (Or remember, depending on your age.)

Our music-playing devices have gone through many iterations before becoming the lightweight, portable dream machines they are today. In celebration of this evolving technology, the University of Florida has created this cool infographic outlining the history of musical tools, from the 4-track to the tablet.

Share with your music student and marvel at how far we’ve come!

the evolution of musical tools infographic

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